51CreatorV 1.1.1

Everyone can be a VR Creator

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Version 1.1.1Windows 10Size: 3.67GB

Choose the most suitable plan for you according to your demand

  • Account number
  • Cloud login
  • Material store
    (including the charged material)
  • Local leading-in of the material
    (MAX, .fbx, uasset)
  • Automatic surface reduction of
    the material
  • Establish designing scheme
  • Home decoration in PC
  • Home decoration in VR
  • Lighting layout
  • Able to experience in VR
  • Material switch and
    parameter editing
  • Render in PC
    (dynamic lighting and VXGI)
  • Render in VR
    (dynamic lighting)
  • Able to edit and save
  • Packing and releasing of
    designing scheme
  • Manual optimization
    (advanced feature)
  • 7/24 service (advanced feature)
Free of charge
  • 1
  • Limited 200
  • Limited 200
  • Limited 5
  • Watermark
999/1mo 1999/3mo 2999/6mo 4999/12mo
  • 1
  • 20
  • 500

* 51Creator users can turn their work into either 51VR SE product by paying 200 Yuan/㎡ manual optimization fee or 51VR Pro product by paying 200 Yuan/㎡ manual optimization fee.

Hardware Requirement

Minimum requirement Standard requirement (recommend) Maximum requirement
Processor Intel Core i5 Intel Core i7 Intel Core i7
Graphics Card GTX 970 GTX 980/1070 GTX 1080
Memory 8GB 16GB 32GB
Storage 500GB HDD 256GB SSD + 1THDD 512GB SSD + 2THDD
Display 2K 4K 4K
VR equipment HTC Vive HTC Vive HTC Vive