Everyone can be a VR Creator

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Everyone can be a VR Creator

Easy to learn It only takes 30 minutes to learn
how to use 51Creator
Easy to create You can create a room without
specific study about VR
One-key transformation 51Creator supports mainstream model
and creative software
Creating while viewing 51Creator allows you to revise
the contents and render in VR
Cloud storage A large number of model bases
support creation with cloud storage
Viewing while creatingImmersive experience allows you to revise while creating
Creating VR in a more comfortable wayUsing your hand to create without mouse and keyboard
Real effect previewYou can create design plan preview with the help of immersive experience of VR
Effective communicationOne-key sharing enables more people to view your design plan; users can understand your design from all direction with the help of VR glasses
a more effective VR solution

Epoch-making significance of 51Creator

Using 51Creator VS Using traditional way
1 day Time limit 7 day
60 Yuan per square Cost 600 Yuan per square
Home design and indoor design technicians People Professional VR engineer
Low, 30 minutes Degree High, 3-5 professional background
One-key transformation Model Targeted optimization
Revising and viewing anytime Revision Rendering is needed after revising
Cloud+local convenient and quick storage Local, occupying large part of storage space

51Creator suits anyone who wants to make VR contents

51creator VR contents producer
51creator Designing institute/ Building architect
51creator Developer
51creator Indoor designer of decoration design company
51creator Real estate agent

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