This is Real

In cooperation with Meta, the world's top-rated AR glasses manufacturer, 51AR is launching the Real AR software

meta 2
meta 2
meta 2
meta 2

the first to see Meta 2's parameterIt is the first assessment of Meta 2 in China by our 51's specialists

51 HoloLensHoloLens Meta2Meta 2 Magic leapMagic leap
equipment performance standalone with limited performance not a standalone but with strong performance standalone (unknown)
screen resolution 1268x720 2560x1440 unknown
angle of visibility narrow angle of visibility, about 35° broad angle of visibility,about 100° unknown
battery life three-hour use per charge power supply by PC unknown
operating system windows10 customized operating system independent development unknown
commercial or industrial purpose support support support
gaming purpose support not support support
price $3000 $949 support
time to market It has come into the market through overseas purchase Launched, 51 takes the first Meta2 in China indefinate

AR + Real EstateIn cooperation with world-renowned hardware companies, we are now innovating the industry application of AR in China, offering a full set of AR technical proposals, providing the real estate developers with more application scenarios thus enhancing the product value

Bird’s-eye view on planned region

Bird’s-eye view on planned region

Furniture customization

Furniture customization'

preview for single building

preview for single building

Communication for multi-user design

Communication for multi-user design

Unlimited Industry application scenariosBesides real estate, AR has a wide application prospect in areas such as gaming, education and auto

More natural Technology brings infinite possibilities and will also bring more changes to the industry
More imaginable AR enables you to touch the game
More real Human-computer interaction will be more real with AR
More interesting People-to-people communication will be more interesting

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