Smart and Pretty

Trustworthy 97% information can be conveyed
Sensitive One-second response, real-time update
Tireless All-day personal service
Good-thinking Data collection and auto- analysis
Adorable Multi-image, multi-expression customization

Real Hugo, as good as sales champion

Real-time record of customer’s basic information
Real Hugo can show customers around freely
Accurate explanation of the project and product
Professional problem-solving, interactive communication
With strong knowledge base, Real Hugo can receive customers independently, introduce product to them, answer their questions and communicate with them

Integration of all customer information, complete record of interaction,
creation of accurate customer analysis data

Data record of customer information
Single customer analysis chart
Product analysis and customer analysis

Everywhere and All-powerfulReal Hugo has entered the real estate, education, auto and other industries on
the basis of multi-platform such as VR, Web and Wechat

Sales can be so easy if you have a Real Hugo


Real Hugo can offer detailed sales information of the product


It only takes Real Hugo 2 days to receive the customized training before it is used


Customer can retrieve the Real Hugo-Customer dialogue and analysis report of different periods from the background


Hugo needs a good network support to keep alive

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